Tangi Lifestyles: Getting to the THICK of It

Curly or straight, thick or fine, short or long, black, or blonde. Each person’s hair is a unique combination of features with no two tresses exactly alike. Due to this individuality, hair is intimately tied with one’s image and identity. But when one's hair is unhealthy or shedding, it can portend underlying medical illness and cause significant emotional distress.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of hair disease is one of the most difficult problems in dermatology due to the complex interplay of medical, cosmetic, and psychological factors at hand. If you are suffering from hair loss, the first step is a thorough examination by your physician or a board-certified dermatologist. Sometimes, treatment is simple with vitamins or hair supplements, such as Nutrafol. In other cases, therapy with topical minoxidil or oral medications is warranted. Often, the best results may be achieved with a combination of medical and cosmetic treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

Far from being an unnecessary appendage, hair can be a marker of underlying health problems and is an integral part of one’s persona. So, do not ignore changes in your hair. Call Benson Dermatology today for your personal evaluation!

Dr. April Sanchez
American Board Certified Dermatologist