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Walker Dermatologist - Walker Dermatologist

Located in Walker, Louisiana, Benson Dermatology helps you with all your skin related needs. Our dermatologists are dedicated to helping you with any cancer treatments, cancer prevention, and a wide variety of skin diseases. Being that your skin is the largest external organ of your body, it is essential to have routine checkups with a dermatologist. Benson's dermatologists are here and ready to improve your skin's health.

Spot and mole checks: To keep your skin's health at its best, having routine spot checks for moles and other abnormalities is crucial. Dermatologists will thoroughly check your skin for any cancerous spots and moles, ensuring that your skin is at its absolute best.

Skin Cancer Prevention: Talking to your dermatologist about proper skin cancer preventatives is necessary for maintaining healthy skin. At Benson Dermatology, we take skin cancer prevention seriously and encourage patients to use quality sunscreen and avoid UV rays when possible. If you have questions about how you can help prevent skin cancer, call Benson Dermatology today for a consultation.

Skin Cancer Treatment: Sometimes, it is necessary to remove any cancerous spots or moles on your skin. While this seems like a daunting process, Benson Dermatology makes the removal of cancer spots easy. Most cancer spots are removed in the office and under local anesthesia, making the procedure quick and painless.

Dermatological Surgery: Benign growths, such as cysts and moles, are also easily removed. Along with removing the growth, Benson Dermatology provides the best cosmetic results by minimizing the appearance of scars.

Skin Diseases: Rashes, allergies, acne, infections, or growths. Benson Dermatology has you covered. Our dermatologists are prepared to help patients with all of their skin concerns.

Hair Disorders: Benson Dermatology also works with patients who suffer from a variety of hair disorders. Dermatologists are prepared to improve problems such as alopecia, ringworm of the scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, thinning hair, and so much more.

Nail Disorders: From your skin to your hair and on to your nails, Benson Dermatology can improve the health of your nails. Our dermatologists offer treatments for a variety of nail disorders, such as fungal diseases and ingrown toenails.

Mohs Surgery: While some skin cancers are easily removed in the office, others may require surgery. This surgery has a high cure rate and has little damage to the skin, leaving you with healthy skin.

Acne Treatments: Acne is one of the most common skin problems people face. While it is embarrassing for many people, severe acne can also be quite painful. If you are in the Walker area and want to explore possible treatments for your acne-prone skin, then Benson Dermatology has you covered. We offer a wide variety of treatments to help improve the health of your skin.

Benson Dermatology in Walker is prepared to treat all skin, hair, and nail related problems. Our specialized dermatologists are dedicated to finding the best solutions and improving your skin's health and appearance. Don't wait another day. Call Benon Dermatology for an appointment today.

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