Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Treatment

The occurrence of all types of skin cancer has drastically increased over the last four decades, especially melanoma—one of the most lethal types of all cancers. Early detection is the key to permanent cure, which usually involves surgical excision in an office setting but in certain cases, best addressed with Mohs surgery. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Robert Benson has a long-established reputation as an expert in the prevention, detection, and treatment of all skin cancers and has thirty-nine years of experience both in the U.S. and New Zealand, the skin cancer capitol of the world. Our patients receive the latest and most effective preventative measures with a range of specialty antioxidants, sunblocks, cosmetics, and Photodynamic Therapy. Detection of skin cancer is an everyday occurrence at Benson Dermatology due to our regular and intensive screening exams by our board certified team of specialists. Surgical or medical removal of skin cancers is our specialty, with most excisions done in the office under local anesthesia yielding excellent cosmetic results.*

If you or a loved one has a skin growth which is new, changing in color or size, irritated or ulcerated, or dark or multicolored, please call our Ponchatoula, Covington, Amite, or Walker office for an appointment. The same advice applies if you have a close relative who's been diagnosed with melanoma.

Our office specializes in treating skin cancers using state of the art technology and procedures that minimize post surgical scarring. One of our gold standards of treatment for skin cancers is known as Mohs Surgery. Click here to learn more about Mohs Surgery for skin cancer.

Benson Dermatology's experienced and knowledgeable staff treats each patient with compassionate care and proven, up-to-date procedures. Let us help you with all of your dermatology concerns. Contact us today.

What is MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery?

What is MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery?  - Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer, when detected early, is typically removed easily during a normal office visit. But skin cancers which are larger or located in cosmetically important areas such as the central face pose a challenge: how much skin should be removed to completely extract the cancer's roots and yet leave enough skin to expertly minimize the scar? In these cases Mohs surgery, named after Dr. Frederick Mohs who developed the procedure, is desirable. Mohs surgery takes the guesswork out of the mix because it traces the cancerous growth microscopically throughout the procedure. This, in turn, causes the least amount of tissue removal plus adds the assurance that the resultant wound is repaired cosmetically only after there is microscopic validation that the cancerous roots have been removed. Since Mohs surgery takes the least amount of tissue while assuring that the roots are all good, the maximum amount of healthy tissue remains to minimize scarring.

At Benson Dermatology, Dr. Brianna McDaniel is our in-office Mohs micrographic surgeon. Dr. McDaniel, a member of the American Society for Mohs Surgery, has years of experience and has performed hundreds of Mohs cases. If you have a changing mole or a skin spot that concerns you, please call Benson Dermatology at (985) 370-7546 to schedule your spot check by one of our board certified skin specialists.

*Individual results may vary. Photography contains a mix of actual patients and stock photography. Testimonials are from actual patients.