The Problem With Warts

Hello, this is Dr. April Sanchez with Benson Dermatology talking about one of my favorite treatments for one of my least favorite problems which are warts. Warts are one of my least favorite problems because they can be very stubborn, unpredictable, and even downright painful to treat.

When I started using topical immunotherapy in my practice, I noticed a really big difference for both me and for my patients. Topical immunotherapy is a painless way to either treat warts or to use in conjunction with other types of more standard therapies to speed up the process of getting rid of them.

What I do is apply for the liquid medicine with a q-tip type applicator painlessly in the office. There's usually no perceptible reaction that the patient notices but what it does works behind the scenes to help the person's own body's immune system fight the virus infection that's causing the wart.

Sometimes people will experience some itchy blisters at the site of application. Very rarely will a person have a more widespread kind of rash, however, it is easy to get under control. This signifies a really good immune system response to the treatment because most of the time by the time the rash clears the warts are gone as well which is a win-win.

One thing that I really love is talking about different treatment options with my patients so that I can tailor a treatment to each individual person for what's going to work best for them and their unique characteristics. I have also never met a wart that I have not conquered! So if there's a stubborn wart that's given you troubles or your loved one troubles please let me know and I'll be happy to help.

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