Tangi Lifestyles - Fighting the Wart War

What is a wart?

It is a virus that infects the skin's surface, taking root and often spreading like a patch of crabgrass on a manicured lawn. More common by far during childhood, warts are somehow masked from the immune system, growing unchallenged until they are either treated away or until the immune system wakes up and eliminates them.

For all who have them, warts are a nuisance, and for dermatologists, their eradication can be quite a task. Eliminating a wart, or worse a cluster of warts, has been done in the past by using destruction methods such as by freezing, scraping, burning, or chemicals. But a newer, more successful treatment involves cleverly turning the body's immune system against the wart virus with the application of a simple cream for their painless and scarless eradication.

A specialized cream is first applied to the arm to activate the immune system. Two weeks later, each wart is treated with reapplication of the cream to start the attack and every two weeks thereafter until the warts are gone. There is little to no visible reaction, and, while not guaranteed, most warts respond.

At long last, we wart haters have a painless method to rid us of these unsightly growths!

Robert Benson, MD
American board Certified Dermatologist