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In addition to providing high-quality nutritional support, Nutrafol leverages nutraceutical ingredients that target hormonal, inflammatory, and stress-related causes of hair loss and thinning. Ingredients in Nutrafol address existing hair loss and thinning, and also serve as a preventative and anti-aging regimen to maintain healthy hair growth and thickness. Nutrafol can be used alone or in conjunction with other modalities like hair transplant and PRP. Nutrafol is available in specific formulas for both women's and men's needs. Come in to QnA Medical Spa to find out if this supplement is right for you!


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Collagen Supplements

Collagen Craze

Catchphrases abound in the cosmetic industry’s marketing. The word “collagen” has been used and abused for four decades to suggest youthful rejuvenation, but in topical skin preparations, it’s nothing more than a moisturizer.

Lately, however, collagen ingested by smoothies, bone broth, gelatin, and pills has taken the health industry by storm. After years of mostly anecdotal reports and poorly controlled studies, a body of bona fide, objective studies has now been compiled with consistent results indicating that collagen supplements, when properly processed to make them easily absorbed after ingestion, do actually build up skin, hair, and nails; decrease cellulite and wrinkles; and promote bone and joint health and accelerated healing.

Collagen molecules in their various tissues require specific amino acids. These are available in balanced diets but not in some standard protein supplements such as whey protein. When bovine, swine or marine sources are processed into smaller chains of amino acids called peptides, they are quickly absorbed and linger in the skin for up to two weeks. These peptides not only provide the special building blocks needed to make collagen but also stimulate new collagen production by their presence. New collagen means more elasticity and hydration and therefore less cellulite and fewer wrinkles. Joint health improves, and even bedsores heal faster.

We are only beginning to appreciate the profound effects of collagen and enhanced nutrition.


Jane Iredale Skin Care Supplements

Jane Iredale Skin Care Supplements - Supplements

Jane Iredale Skin Care Supplements

At QnA Medical Spa, we offer Jane Iredale’s Skin Accumax and Skin Omegas to promote healthy, clear skin. Skin Accumax’s patented formula targets acne-prone skin with its unique combination of vitamin A, C, and E with DIM (diindolymethane), a natural plant-based chemical found in many cruciferous vegetables. Our patients see a noticeable improvement in their skin’s complexion after finishing their Skin Accumax regimen. Skin Omegas act as an internal moisturizer which helps maintain skin integrity and a healthy lipid layer. Jane Iredale’s special combination of omega-3 (from fish oil), omega-6 (from primrose oil) and vitamin A benefits all skin types, especially dry, flaky, and sensitive skin. With Skin Accumax and Skin Omegas, skin’s texture and tone are improved for a more glowing, confident you!

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