QnA Medical Spa Near the Hammond Area

More and more people are looking for medical spas near Hammond, LA, for good reasons. Not only are they able to be relaxing and enjoyable, but they also solve many cosmetic problems that concern patients. Learning more information about QnA Medical Spa of Covington and Ponchatoula will help you understand the benefits of their popular array of services!

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What is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa (often abbreviated as medspa) is a facility supervised by a licensed physican which has the comfortable feel of a conventional spa with all of the abilities to perform elective cosmetic procedures that treat a wide array of skin conditions.

These elective procedures undertaken by those at a medical spa in the Hammond area will vary in nature, but they all share a similar thread: to pamper, rejuvenate, and better the patients.

What are Common Medical Spa Treatments?

Since most of the treatments revolve around aesthetic changes, the typical treatments asked about at a medspa are the following:

  • phototherapy (IPL)
  • laser treatments
  • dermalinfusion
  • dermaplaning
  • laser hair removal
  • microneedling
  • scar revisions
  • IPL
  • ultrasound
  • acne treatments
  • and more!

Who Administers Medical Treatments?

All QnA Medical Spa laser, IPL, microneedling, and chemical peel procedures require a consultation and recommendation by one of our QnA board certified dermatologists and are performed by a QnA licensed esthetician. Spa treatments such as dermalinfusion, waxing, facials, dermaplaning, etc., can be directly scheduled with a licensed esthetician at QnA Medical Spa.

How to Choose a Medical Spa?

Selecting a medical spa near Hammond requires some planning. You’ll want to select the medspa based on their professionalism, board certified doctors, and results. QnA Medical Spa is known throughout the state of Louisiana for their technological innovations, tangible results, as well as their relaxing atmosphere.

Medical spas offer both young and old the opportunity to take care of their skin, an organ that is most often ignored or taken for granted. With the QnA staff of caring professionals, clients will truly receive a comprehensive assessment of their concerns and realisic expectations will be explained concerning each procedure. Our desire is to help you look and feel your best, and that begins with the selection of the right treatment or treatments for you.

Can Teenagers Use a Medical Spa?

Medical spas around Hammond offer special opportunities for teenagers to take care of their skin in a non-threatening, non-judgmental space. Although prescription medications can be useful in treating skin issues such as acne, the unique services provided by a medical spa can make the results all the more amazing. Laser therapies, microdermabrasion, medical-grade peels, and more are able to be used in a combination approach to elevate the self-esteem of anyone suffering from a myriad of skin issues.

Medical Spa Outside the City of Hammond

Scarlet SRF: From wrinkles to photo aging discoloration, Scarlet SRF is suitable for all skin types and requires no downtime (currently only offered at our Ponchatoula location).

Laser and IPL Treatments: Sun damage, unwanted hair, blood moles, spider veins, uneven texture, scarring, and other skin imperfections can be difficult to treat. QnA uses laser and IPL treatments to improve a variety of skin conditions or eliminate them completely.

Acne Treatments: At QnA Medical Spa, we offer microdermabrasion, Laser Genesis, dermalinfusion, and dietary supplements to help clients with acne-prone skin.

Diamond Glow Treatment: If you suffer from dull or uneven-textured skin, the Diamond Glow treatment may be just the treatment for you. This treatment will exfoliate the skin and remove toxins while infusing much-needed antioxidants and vitamins.

Chemical Peels: QnA Medical Spa offers clients in the Hammond area a wide variety of chemical peels. Each chemical peel can even your skin tone and leave you with a healthy glow.

Micro-Needling Collagen Induction Therapy: With micro-needling therapy, QnA Medical Spa can improve the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and uneven texture.

Crystal Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion improves your skin's texture by accelerating cellular turnover. With this treatment, clients will see immediate results and improvement continues as the series progresses.

Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning is an excellent treatment for those with sensitive skin. This treatment can exfoliate your skin without the use of chemicals and leaves you with a smoother complexion.

Facials: Dry and dull skin is a common problem with aging skin. QnA Medical Spa offers a wide variety of customizable facials to fit your skin's specific needs.

Waxing: Estheticians at QnA Medical Spa can quickly remove unwanted hair, leaving your skin silky smooth. With waxing, there's no need to worry about razor bumps and rashes on your sensitive skin.

QnA Medical Spa of Covington and Ponchatoula is dedicated to serving clients in the Hammond area. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your skin's health and overall appearance.

The Best Medical Spa Services in Louisiana

Dr. Robert Benson, Dr. April Sanchez, and Dr. Falon Brown have cultivated awards and recognition for good reasons: choosing excellent staff, stellar track record, and knowledge of the ever-changing medspa world. If you’re ready to experience for yourself what makes a medical spa so special, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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