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EltaMD EltaMD Sun Care and Skin Care QnA Medical Spa

QnA Medical Spa offers clients a variety of treatments and products to help ease the signs of aging. Many people wonder what the secret to amazing skin is, and the answer is proper protection from the sun. Sunscreen is vital to reducing signs of aging for everyone. Many believe sunscreen is used for outdoor activities during the summer; however, this is a crucial part of any skincare routine.

Many are simply unaware that their skin needs protection from the sun's harmful rays year-round, even when indoors. When indoors, you still need protection from UVA rays, which can penetrate glass, causing premature aging. To combat signs of aging, people should consistently use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. QnA Medical Spa in Ponchatoula and Covington offers customers EltaMD, which is a line of physician-exclusive sun care products for every skin type.

QnA Medical Spa EltaMD

EltaMD UV Clear-Broad-Spectrum with an SPF of 46 offers lightweight protection and is perfect for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin. For those looking for an oil-free sunscreen, our EltaMD UV Areo Broad-Spectrum with an SPF of 45 is a great option. It has a continuous spray for easy application and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. If you live an active life, then this is the sunscreen for you. And don't forget that being out in the sun is often accompanied by dry skin, which is why EltaMD offers skincare products, such as a moisturizer. Our Moisturizer will repair your dry or irritated skin. We have your skin covered with our EltaMD sunscreen line.

Whether you are in the great outdoors or looking for daily protection, ask about how EltaMD can help protect your skin. Come visit QnA Medical Spa today and ask about the EltaMD sunscreen.

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