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Smooth Skin for the Summer

Dermatology New Orleans

Technology is always on the move, and this is also true in the realm of cosmetic laser devices, which are diverse and numerous.

For one of the most popular cosmetic procedures—hair reduction—the dawning of a new age has come with the Diolux™ laser. Small and large areas alike on most skin types can now be treated in less time with much more comfort and better results than previous hair removal systems.* Using its chilled-tip gliding hand piece, a man’s back, which before took the better part of an hour or more, can now be treated in as little as ten minutes and an upper lip in a matter of seconds!*

The Diolux™ radiates focused laser energy which uniformly targets hair follicles without the scattering effect of laser light commonplace in other hair removal devices. The result is more efficient hair eradication than from other hair removal methods.*

For those who are tired of shaving or waxing dark, unwanted hair day after day, consider Diolux™ hair reduction for smooth, summer-ready skin.*

Robert Benson, MD
American Board Certified Dermatologist
Dermatological Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon

Tangi Lifestyles April - May 2014

*Individual results may vary. Photography contains a mix of actual patients and stock photography. Testimonials are from actual patients.