Great Expectations

Dermatologist New Orleans

The doctor walks in, and the lady quickly flips through her phone and states, "I want my lips to look like hers." On the screen is a picture of Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner. Great expectations are then gently honed into enlightened reality. She will never look anything like Angie or Kylie.

Such is the life of cosmetic surgeons, who are well aware of several limiting factors-the physical attributes or deficiencies of the patient, the limitations of our technology and skill, the variety and unpredictability humans exhibit in their response to the procedures we do in the name of beautification, and the sometimes random complications and delays in healing. In short, not every treatment is as simple and safe as it sounds.

Since the skin and its reactive tendencies can vary from one person to another, the most important element of any consultation is for the cosmetic surgeon to define realistic expectations. If a doctor tells you that you'll have a movie star body or face, raise the red flag. It could be beneficial to see the results from other patients' procedures or to get a second opinion from another cosmetic surgeon. If a doctor takes time to give you a realistic picture rather than a beauty guarantee, you're likely in the right place.

Robert Benson, MD
American Board Certified Dermatologist
Dermatological Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon

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