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Filling the Gap with Belotero

Dermatology Baton Rouge

A unique, new dermal filler has just been launched in the US with a unique name: Belotero. Named after “La Belle Otero” (Carolina Otero, 1868- 1965), a famous European actress and dancer known for her beauty, Belotero’s own claim to fame is its ability to subtly diffuse into the uppermost layers of the skin without leaving ridges or a bluish discoloration (called the Tyndall effect) which has limited the use of other fillers in certain areas, especially the tear trough. This breakthrough is due to the product’s gel matrix which allows it to fill superficial wrinkle lines without disturbing the structure of the skin.* Hyaluronidase, the specific filler in Belotero, is a molecule which absorbs and holds water like a sponge for months on end, stretching out the collapsed wrinkle.*

With the introduction of Belotero, fine, creepy lines can be efficiently erased for an average of nine months.* In conjunction with deeper fillers such as Sculptra, we now can accomplish what only a scalpel could attempt in the past—a youthful facial structure with tighter, brighter skin.*

Tangi Lifestyles - February 2013

Tangi Lifestyles - February 2013 - Filling the Gap with Belotero
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