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Dissolving the DOUBLE CHIN!

New Orleans Dermatology

The next significant advancement in cosmetic surgery is here, but no surgery is involved! Finally, medical science has figured out how to diminish a double chin by a simple, safe, and predictable injection called Kybella™. When Kybella™ is injected under the chin in small droplets, fat cells are permanently dissolved with minimal inflammation and temporary swelling.* This treatment usually takes fifteen minutes in the office and requires no elastic wrap afterwards. The result is a more youthful, tighter chin and reined jaw line after typically one or two sessions.*

Only board certified physicians are able to perform this innovative procedure, which basically uses the same chemical that our own bodies use within our digestive tracts to dissolve the dietary fat we consume. While this method will not substitute tightening and fat melting needed for more abundant fat or lax skin in the neck area, Kybella™ fills a gap as an early, first line, simple remedy for those who don't require more aggressive approaches.*

Tangi Lifestyles December 2015

Tangi Lifestyles December 2015 - Dissolving the DOUBLE CHIN!
*Individual results may vary. Photography contains a mix of actual patients and stock photography. Testimonials are from actual patients.