Credentials Aren't Everything

Credentials Aren't Everything - Credentials Aren't Everything

In a recent interview, the CEO of a major financial company revealed the secret of his success, and it was encapsulated in a lesson from business school. It occurred in the only class in which he did not receive an “A” because he failed the final exam that consisted of only one question: What is the name of the lady who cleans this building every day?

In medicine, when considering health care providers, this same mentality should govern a patient’s choice of provider, whether for medical or cosmetic procedures. A recent study by the most popular social media review site for cosmetic surgeons revealed that patients exercise good old common sense when picking a doctor. At the bottom of the list of factors they valued were academic credentials and before-and-after pictures. Most important by far were the provider’s demeanor and having their questions answered thoroughly. Credentials can be deceptive and before-and-after pictures can be cherry-picked and altered, but a face-to-face encounter is the surest way to a gratifying choice. If the vibe isn’t good, try someone else until you find a pleasant doctor or health care provider who values your concerns, invites your questions, and interacts comfortably with you as well as staff.

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