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Beauty That Lasts

Dermatology Baton Rouge

During World War II, many pilots took fire and ended up with fragments of glass or Plexiglas in their eyes. One doctor noticed that while glass fragments caused inflammation, Plexiglas did not. This discovery led to the first artificial lens! Now the same material, PMMA (Plexiglas), has been mixed with collagen for a new generation filler called Bellafill® for facial wrinkles and acne scars.

So what is the advantage of adding this inert material to a standard facial filler? The answer is one word—longevity. As the injected matrix inevitably fades away with standard fillers, the PMMA in Bellafill® stimulates….and keeps stimulating….the patient’s own native collagen production for five years or more which is far longer than the current menu of fillers can provide.*

Are there any negatives? Although Bellafill® costs more upfront than other fillers, the overall investment is less than other filler counterparts over time. Also, because Bellafill® lasts so long, carefully consider who does your treatment. For years of wrinkle or scar improvement without the need of touchups, Bellafill® may be the right choice for you.*

Robert Benson, MD
American Board Certified Dermatologist
Dermatological Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon

Tangi Lifestyles August - September 2015

Tangi Lifestyles August - September 2015 - Beauty That Lasts
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