Baton Rouge Dermatologist

Dermatologist in Baton Rouge

Benson Dermatology, located right outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers its patients a wide variety of treatments, such as cancer treatments, skin cancer prevention, and skin diseases. Patients from the Baton Rouge area can find quality care from our experienced dermatologists.

Spot and mole checks: Finding a spot or mole on your skin can be frightening for many people. Seeing a dermatologist can provide you with comfort and quality care when it comes to treating your skin. We perform thorough spot checks to make sure our patients' skin is healthy and free of cancerous spots and moles.

Skin Cancer Prevention: Using sunscreen and avoiding UV rays is crucial to preventing skin cancer, starting in early childhood. If you are in the Baton Rouge area and notice spots that are irritated or bleed, are itchy or inflamed, or have grown over time, visiting a specialist at Benson Dermatology could make a world of difference in your overall health.

Skin Cancer Treatment: Removing skin cancer does not have to be something you fear. Most cancer spots found, can be removed under local anesthesia.

Dermatological Surgery: Removing benign growths, such as cysts and moles, is an easy process. Along with eliminating the growths, we also provide patients with the best cosmetic results, leaving little to no scarring.

Skin Diseases: We can help patients with a variety of skin diseases, such as rashes, allergies, acne, infections, and growths.

Hair Disorders: Whether you are suffering from alopecia, ringworm of the scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, hereditary male pattern baldness, or thinning hair, our Baton Rouge area dermatologists are dedicated to treating and improving your hair condition.

Nail Disorders: We treat nail disorders such as fungal diseases and ingrown toenails. Fortunately, most nail disorders can be treated with topical or oral medications.

Mohs Surgery: Some skin cancers are best treated with this surgery option because it allows the dermatologists to see where cancer stops. It has a high cure rate, and it allows patients to keep most of the healthy skin.

Acne Treatments: Depending on the severity of your acne, seeking professional help from a dermatologist might be what your skin needs. We offer many treatments to help reduce and heal acne-prone skin.

If you are tired of experiencing painful acne and the scarring that often comes with it, then drive over to the Baton Rouge area to visit Benson Dermatology. Specialists here will work with your specific skin needs to find the best treatment.

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