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Dr. Robert Benson studied hair transplantation under the pioneers who developed this procedure decades ago. Because of his experience, he greatly appreciates the incredible technological advances in this field—the pinnacle of which is NeoGraft follicular unit extraction (FUE). This revolutionary device has literally changed the nature of hair restoration. It uses vacuum pressure and microsurgical tools to harvest and implant the actual hair follicles (averaging 3 hairs per follicle). Performed under local anesthesia with little discomfort and no downtime or scarring, NeoGraft’s FUE method provides the most natural result possible. A patient (man or woman) with hair loss on top of the head or along the hair line can leave QnA with thousands of viable hair roots covering the scalp and return to work the next day. NeoGraft’s unsurpassed hair restoration technology has made the painful traditional transplantation methods of the past—that left visible scarring, corn rows, or turfing—obsolete.

Since NeoGraft hair restoration is so inconspicuous and wallet-friendy, this innovative procedure is also ideal for those who are in the process of losing their hair. NeoGraft’s FUE method has been featured on multiple national television shows and is now the established gold standard because of its ease, safety, lack of scarring, and unparalleled and natural results.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration is available in Louisiana at QnA Cosmetic Surgery. QnA welcomes and serves clients from all over Louisisana--including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mandeville, Hammond, and Ponchatoula--as well as from across the US.

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