Laser Lipo Neck Lift at QnA in Ponchatoula, Lousiana

Laser lipo neck lift

Neck skin, its supporting tissue, and the muscles underneath are particularly prone to laxity. Many patients benefit from the standard Smartlipo procedure which removes fat ("double chin") and tightens the skin substantially.* For those with significant neck laxity which forms wattles or ridges from the chin to the Adam’s apple, LaserLipo Neck Suspension is recommended.

This two-stage procedure—which is performed under local anesthesia—tightens the entire neck to create a new, more youthful neckline. Through a tiny incision, the pencil-lead-thin Smartlipo laser fiber first melts away any excess fat and induces maximum retraction of the neck with little or no discomfort. Using a combination of special supportive sutures and re-draping techniques, the lax muscles are then tightened and any excess skin is removed. The result is a firm muscular support structure with tighter overlying skin for a more youthful neck contour.* The entire procedure is performed in the office, and the sutures are removed after one week.

Our team of board certified dermatologists at QnA Cosmetic Surgery recognize the desire of patients to feel confident and look their best. Contact us today for more information about LaserLipo Neck Lift and to schedule your consultation. Conveniently located in the heart of Louisiana—QnA is just a short drive from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the Northshore communities.

Before and After Laser Lipo Neck Lift*

Before and After Laser Lipo Neck Lift* - Laser Lipo Neck Lift Neck Liposuction

3 months after Laser Lipo treatment*

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