Cellulaze - Covington, LA

Cellulaze Covington LA

Your battle with cellulite is finally over.

At QnA Cosmetic Surgery, we have a solution to defeat that unwanted, lumpy flesh from your body once and for all. It’s called Cellulaze, a revolutionary cosmetic procedure clinically proven to remove cellulite after only one treatment!

How does it work?

Cellulaze is offered at our Covington location, and is a laser technique that targets the thinning skin strands and protruding pockets of fat left by cellulite. By releasing the fibrous brands that weigh down the skin, Cellulite increases skin elasticity. This causes the levels of collagen, an important skin protein, to increase. As a result, the skin appears thicker and healthier.

Our board-certified doctors place patients under local anesthesia. Depending on the treatment area, the entire process takes 1-2 hours. Patients can resume normal activities in the immediate days following the procedure.

Cellulaze Covington LA

What are the perks?

Cellulaze is minimally invasive with minimal discomfort, and the results are long-lasting.

Other cellulite removal tools, such as lotions and creams, offer only temporary remedies. Cellulaze works beneath the skin’s surface to eradicate the causes of the appearance of cellulite. Over the course of several months to a year, the skin continues to improve.

One of many services that we offer at QnA Cosmetic Surgery, patients can undergo this laser cellulite removal right here in Covington.

Eating healthier and exercising more are not solutions to cellulite. The more we age and our body hormones fluctuate, the greater the likelihood that cellulite appears. Cellulaze is the FDA-approved laser cellulite treatment that will allow you to bare it all again.

If you are ready to see what Cellulaze can do for you, schedule your complimentary consultation at QnA Cosmetic Surgery of Covington today.

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