Cosmetic Surgeon Ponchatoula

Cosmetic surgery has a different meaning for each of our patients. Some seek radical change while others want to be themselves, just slightly improved. The desire to combat visible signs of aging is universal, and many men and women view plastic surgery as an investment in self-care. Professional aesthetic analysis by a plastic surgeon can pinpoint early weaknesses and help you to plan a long-term full-body beauty strategy.

Cosmetic Surgery in Ponchatoula for Women
Cosmetic Surgery in Ponchatoula for Men

Proven Techniques and Years of Experience

We are specialists in translating your wishes into practical, attainable beauty goals because we take great care to establish a good relationship with our patients. When our patients describe the treatments we deliver as solutions, we know that we have delivered true rejuvenation. Clients regularly reward us with testimonials describing memorable results and uncompromising patient care.

Good results depend on skill. We use proven techniques, trusted medical procedures, and our extensive skills gained over more than 35 years of experience to deliver effective cosmetic surgery to our Ponchatoula patients in a safe and private environment.

As an early adopter of cutting edge plastic surgery, Benson Dermatology's board-certified plastic surgeon in Ponchatoula was one of the first US physicians to perform Smartlipo laser liposculpture, facial injectables procedures, and several other procedures that are standard cosmetic surgery practices today. We continue to combine the best non-invasive techniques with plastic surgery to enhance your appearance with minimal recovery time and minimal scarring.

Proud to Call Ponchatoula Home!

Ponchatoula can hardly be a more fitting location for our full range of dermatology services and cosmetic procedures. Ponchatoula is revered for many things mellowed and mature. Known as "America’s Antique City", the beautifully restored buildings and historic sites make it a delightful tourist destination. But Ponchatoula can also be described as fresh, innovative and dynamic, with high regard for refinement and detail.

Like the city of Ponchatoula, our vision is to revitalize, refresh, and improve, with due respect to the preservation of character. The Benson Dermatology team has deep roots in Ponchatoula where they have already acquired an excellent reputation with a program of accurate spot (mole) checks, a skin cancer prevention program, skin cancer treatments and the treatment of various skin diseases.

Since continuous improvement is always better than a major intervention, a consultation with an expert is well worth your time. You may be an excellent candidate for one of our proactive rejuvenating treatments to ensure you stay well ahead of the pack.

*Individual results may vary. Photography contains a mix of actual patients and stock photography. Testimonials are from actual patients.