What is the Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery?

Although they may seem similar in concept, the real difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery is the purpose of the procedure.

Plastic surgery is a specialty of surgery that focuses on the repairing the issues caused by birth disorders, burns, disease, or other trauma. At its core, plastic surgery is reconstructive in nature.

Cosmetic surgery is a specialized field of professional medicine that revolves around elevating the appearance of a part of the body through surgical means. Cosmetic surgery near Hammond is be performed by Dr. Robert Benson, Dr. April Sanchez, and Dr. Falon Brown and their talented staff anywhere on the body.

Typically, cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure because the areas treated are able to function properly. At QnA Cosmetic Surgery in Ponchatoula, just minutes from Hammond, our board certified dermatologists have been able to help many patients with their cosmetic needs such as facial resurfacing, PRP therapy, and more.

Cosmetic Surgery in Hammond for Women
Cosmetic Surgery in Hammond for Men

What are the Most Common Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in Louisiana?

Skin-Related Cosmetic Surgeries

As the largest organ on the body, your skin provides a lot of protection against elements and unwanted pathogens while also projecting an image of your health. As a cosmetic surgeon near Hammond, Dr. Benson’s staff has treated the skin of patients with:

The Best Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon in Louisiana

Board certification is one of the tools to help you decide which cosmetic surgeon with whom to trust something as important as your appearance. Dr. Robert Benson is not only board-certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery but an award-winning cosmetic surgeon who offers cosmetic procedures in Covington and Ponchatoula.

Ready to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure near the Hammond area? Then call or email Dr. Benson today to learn more about how, with the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, what you desire to see in the mirror can become a reality!

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