Chemical Peels in New Orleans

Chemical Peels New Orleans, LA

A popular facial-resurfacing procedure in New Orleans is the tried-and-true chemical peel. A chemical peel is when a trained dermatology expert utilizes special chemical mixtures and formulas to remove the top layer of skin wherever it’s applied. Anyone suffering from fine lines, wrinkles, acne, or even uneven skin coloring will be able to reap benefits from the procedure. When one of the board certified dermatologists at QnA Cosmetic Surgery in Ponchatoula exam your skin, you’ll be recommended a chemical peel treatment that will meet your personal needs. The surface layer of your skin will be stripped away gently to expose the fresh, vibrant skin underneath. However, your individual needs will dictate if a deeper peel is needed for the desired results. There are generally three types of chemical peels: superficial (light), moderate (medium), and deep (heavy). We’ll explain the basics of each one so that you’ll know what to expect:

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